Power Outline for Microsoft Excel

A Power Outline can be implemented as an Excel add-in that functions similarly to Microsoft PowerPivot that is designed to extend and represent the contents of an Excel Table in a linked PivotTable.

A user selects a Table and creates a linked Power Outline where Table columns are assigned to a Level in a hierarchy and ancestor/descendant relationships are represented horizontally.



All Excel functionality is available as usual to the contents of the outline and Sort, Filter and Column functions are extended to dynamically update the representation of relationships as cell and range visibility changes.



Outline Views that store sort, filter, column visibility and print settings can be saved and accessed from the Power Outline Ribbon Tab.



Various application templates like Risk Management can be used to facilitate detailed risk analysis and planning.




Power Outline is offers a unique way of representing and manipulating hierarchical data that is protected by US Patent 9,436,672

* Excel and PowerPivot are products and trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation